Animated gif

There are many way to showcase your products and service, at zone9 studio we offering animated gif to help you with your business. This service can be utilize for ads and websites.

animated gifs are more affordable than video ads. But really, a GIF isn’t much different to a short video which you can upload and will autoplay, so it makes sense for companies to add them as an option.

here are some demos we have done is the past.

Food Photography

When we photographing as we would any other still life subject and ensure that it is well lit. Many of the poor examples of food photography that we come across from clients could have been drastically improved with adequate lighting.

we pay attention not only to the arrangement of the food itself but to the context that you put it on the table, kitchen settings around it.  all props can often be placed in background positions.

Food doesn’t keep for long so we need to be well prepared and shoot before it melts, collapses and changes color. One thing that I use is to have the shot completely set up with props before and then to substitute a stand-in plate for getting your exposure right. Then when the food is ready you just switch with the real thing and you’re ready to start shooting.

and These are some of the shots we did the shoot for Classic group of companies.